Opening Remarks

It is my great pleasure to welcome you to PT Tunggal Idaman Abdi.

From our humble beginning as the first nationally indigenously owned pharmacy in 1950, followed by our first indigenous pharmaceutical factory, we have been committed to make a meaningful contribution to people’s health standards and quality of life, both at home here in Indonesia, and globally, through high quality healthcare products with affordable access and prices.

Celebrating our half a century mark in 2020, PT Tunggal Idaman Abdi continues to stand firmly with its vision and has developed into a leading company in the field of Reproductive Health worldwide, through its well known injectable contraceptives.

July 1, 2021 was a historic day for PT Tunggal Idaman Abdi, who finally succeeded in obtaining the WHO Prequalification certification for its three monthly injectable contraceptive Triclofem.

This achievement is an honor for PT Tunggal Idaman Abdi, solidifying our aspiration in continuing the company’s mark in the Reproductive Healthcare space, both at the national and global level. Today Triclofem is exported through various world organizations such as USAID and UNFPA to name a few to more than 60 countries.

The WHO PQ certification is an ongoing commitment by PT Tunggal Idaman Abdi, to maintain and continuously improve the quality of our products to help nations achieve their maternal and child health development goals, and ultimately the success of their family planning program.

We, at Tunggal Pharmaceuticals Company look forward to the years ahead with confidence.


Almitra Indira Abidin
President Director